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Please feel free to use my referral links below.  If you have questions about the products, the links, or just want me to know you used my link, please email me.  I would be glad to hear from anyone.   🕵️‍♂️

NEW!  TiiCKER referral - Earn gift cards for holding stocks at your linked brokerages.  More info below under Investing.

HOT!!!  The Marcus $100 savings bonus account offer is back!  Sign up for Marcus via my referral link and get 4.3% APY for three months.  Next, enroll in the $100 savings bonus program within online banking.  (When you factor in the $100 bonus, you will be making around 8.3% APY for three months.) Deposit $10,000 in new funds within 10 days of enrollment, then withdraw after three months.  Marcus makes it so easy by having a bonus tracker inside online banking.  You must enroll by 2/15/2023.  Details here.

Easiest money of the day!  WEBULL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get up to 12 FREE Fractional Shares valued up to $30,600 by opening & funding a Webull brokerage account.

Bank Accounts - P2P - Prepaid Cards

Banks & Credit Unions (Brick & Mortar)

Sweet $300 NATIONWIDE Bonus!!!  KeyPoint Credit Union is offering a $200 bonus to open a  "Free Checking" account with $25+, and within 60 days, establish a minimum $1,000 recurring monthly direct deposit.  Plus, you can earn another $100 for doing 40 debits within 3 months of account opening.   As part of the account application, you can join the Financial Fitness Association (for free) to enable opening the credit union membership from out-of-state (OOS).  $2,500 in credit card funding is available, too!  Fidelity Cash Management or Cash App ACH transfers work to trigger the DD requirement, plus Cash App or Amazon debit reloads work for the debit bonus.  The bonuses typically pay out within DAYS of completion of the requirements.  To get a referral, just send me an email ( with your first & last name, and the email address you will use to open the account.  Be sure to use the RAF2023 promotion code.  No hard pull of your credit, but does pull ChexSystems, and soft pulls Experian.

PSECU $300 Checking Offer  Nationwide if you join the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) for $10, which is offered on the credit union application. PSECU is offering a $300 bonus with a few requirements such as recurring direct deposit.  Schwab brokerage ACH works for a direct deposit.   The bad news: they do Hard Pull Experian, however, if you freeze that report, they will pull Transunion instead.  Pulls Chex, but not inquiry sensitive.

Star One Credit Union has a $200 bonus offer for being referred, opening credit union membership, and funding your  "Money Market Savings" and "Free Checking" account.  That's it!  $500 in CC funding for both the checking and savings accounts.  Normally this credit union has a rather small footprint in CA state, however, there may be ways around that obstacle making it nationwide.  The bonus pays out rather quickly.  No hard pull of your credit, but does pull Chex, and soft pulls Experian.  Please send me an email ( for more details.

NEW NATIONWIDE OFFER!   Jovia Financial Credit Union is offering a $150 bonus for opening either a Go Green (highly recommended) or CareFree Checking checking account and then doing a recurring $100+ Direct Deposit within 60 days.  Neither checking account has a monthly fee.  Also, they have a $50 referral offer (which only requires you to open a checking account, initially funding with $100 within two weeks, and maintain the $100 for 90 days) that should stack with the $150 offer.  You can apply for a checking account from their promotions page, use the slideshow to access the $150 offer, click the Open Account button, then just enter my referral code 326326 on your application.  If approved, the savings account will also be opened without submitting another application.  No hard pull, but does soft-pulls Transunion,  pulls Chex, and may pull EWS as well.  In my experience, they are not inquiry sensitive.  Eligibility: This is a nationwide offer because they pay the $5 fee to join the CrossState Credit Union Foundation as part of your Jovia application,  and $5 is also gifted into your savings account to cover your membership share.  No CC funding.   My recommendation is open the Go Green checking, as online banking has a tracker for Direct Deposit.  Expires 12/31/2023.

VyStar Credit Union is offering a $175 bonus plus $25 if you refer someone.  They post a $25 bonus the next day after opening a checking account, and $150 after 91 days from opening if you complete 15 debit transactions and a direct deposit.  Footprint states are FL & GA, but they also will open accounts for active & retired military nationwide, and  family members of current credit union members too.   To get a referral, just send me an email ( with your first & last name, and the email address you will use to open the account. 

NEW!!!  Great River Federal Credit Union  is offering $100 with a new checking account by using promo code FIRE100.  This is a nationwide offer using the American Consumer Council (ACC) which is part of the credit union application.  You may be able to stack with the $100 referral bonus by entering my name on the application:  Jeffrey Schwartz.  Per the rep that opened my account, credit card funding is "unlimited".   Citi Double Cash funding posted as a purchase.  They do hard pull Equifax, and Chex, but not inquiry-sensitive.  Please email me if you have questions.

Sweet! 💰  Affinity FCU Cash Back Debit $100 Bonus  Super simple requirements - Pulls Chex, but no EWS, and no hard pull.   This $100 bonus only requires a single $100+ Direct Deposit within 60 days.  $1,000 in credit card funding is available for new accounts.  Depending on where you live, you may need to pay a $5 fee to join the credit union, but you will find the joining requirements seamlessly as part of the application.  The Affinity Cash Back Debit spending account earns 1% cash back on debit purchases, up to $10 per month with $1,000 in debit spending.  Online debit card loading like Cash App does work to trigger the monthly cashback bonus.  They also have a 3.5% APY SmartStart Savings account (up to $5,000 at that rate, and 1% thereafter).  None of these accounts have a monthly fee. 

DCU (Digital Credit Union) is offering $100 for opening a checking account and perform one of the following:  Do a recurring Direct Deposit of at least $500/month, OR, complete five ACH transfers, Point of Sale (POS) transactions, bill pay payments, or Pay a Person transactions within the same calendar month.  This is Nationwide if you join the Reach Out for Schools non-profit for $10, which is an option on the application.  No Hard Pull of your credit, but they do Soft Pull Equifax, and pulls Chex.  As part of the application, you will also open a Primary Savings account where you’ll earn a 6.17% APY on balances up to the first $1,000, and 0.25% APY beyond the $1K cap.  As opposed to waiting on the debit card or Direct Deposit, you can trigger the bonus with 5 small ACH transfers and the $100 bonus will pay out within days.

Desert Financial Credit Union $100 Checking Offer  You get $100 to open a free checking account, do a direct deposit, and perform at least 30 posted  transactions within 90 days.  Pulls Chex.  Per the account application fine print, they also soft-pull Experian and TransUnion.  $600 in CC funding is available per account.  If you prefer, I can email you your very own special referral link with the complete terms for your records. Email me:  Please provide the email address you will use to open the account.

Service Credit Union  Nationwide offer - Does pull Chex, but no hard pull or EWS pull.  You earn a $100 bonus for opening a free Dividend or Everyday checking account, enrolling in e-statements, completing a $500 direct deposit, and keep the account open for 60 days, then the bonus will post in 90 days.  You can also earn 5% APY on the first $500 in your Primary Savings, and 3% APY on your first $3,000 in the Holiday Club Savings.  If you prefer, contact me directly and I will enter the referral manually.  I just need first name/last name and email address you will use to open the account.  Email me:

HOT!!!  The Marcus $100 savings bonus account offer is back!  Sign up for Marcus via my referral link and get 4.3% APY for three months.  Next, enroll in the $100 savings bonus program within online banking.  (When you factor in the $100 bonus, you will be making around 8.3% APY for three months.) Deposit $10,000 in new funds within 10 days of enrollment, then withdraw after three months.  Marcus makes it so easy by having a bonus tracker inside online banking.  You must enroll by 2/15/2023.  Details here.

Capital One Checking  This $50 bonus stacks with savings or money market account offers.  Open a 360 Checking account using my link, then receive 2 deposits of $200 or more within your account’s first 75 days.

Delta Community Credit Union   Get $50 for opening a checking account, depositing $50, and doing 10 debits within 60 days.  No Direct Deposit required.  No Hard Pull, pulls EWS, not Chex.  Unfortunately, locals only now, or family members of existing members. 

GTE Financial Credit Union is offering a $50 bonus for opening a new membership, and funding a checking account within 30 days.  They allow a fair amount of credit card funding available at $500 per account, and multiple savings accounts are allowed and can be funded either with the initial account application, or later from online banking.  Feel free to use my referral code on the 1st page of the application.   My $50 GTE Financial Referral Code: S692844V2U You must manually enter the code on the application.  The bad news: they do Hard Pull Equifax.

Regions Bank Referral This $50 bonus stacks with their checking bonus promotions.  Fill out the referral form, submit, then open your new Regions checking account using the same contact information.  Once you have the new checking account, enroll in estatements, do the required number of debits, receive a Direct Deposit, and wait 60 days to receive your $50 Visa gift card.  If you have had a Regions account in the past or EVER registered for a Regions referral and didn't end up using it, be sure to use a new or unused email address on the referral form as well as on the new checking account.  The email addresses must match.

Hanscom Federal Credit Union (Nationwide with certain community groups you can join on the application, paid for by the credit union) is offering a $30 bonus to open a new membership, plus checking & savings accounts.  The initial value in the account is the credit card funding.  $2,000 per application, and they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  I recommend opening the Share  savings account, then opening the checking account on a new application so you can double-dip the CC funding.  They also offer a Thrive account which earns 5% APY interest, however, you can only deposit $500 per month over a course of a year.  It's essentially a Certificate of Deposit that matures after the year, and if you chose to renew, you start over with a new account & a $0 balance.  Just send me an email ( with your first & last name, and the email address you will use to open the account. 

SkyOne Federal Credit Union You earn a $25 Amazon Gift Card for depositing the minimum opening balance amount of $5, then maintain the new account and credit union membership in good standing for a period of thirty (30) days.  (Nationwide w/ nominal fee, but marginally Chex-inquiry sensitive)

Fintech "Neobanks" (online-only, usually provide a debit card, usually no check-writing, etc.)

NEW!  Figure Pay $100 plus $25 referral - Must use this link with a mobile phone to download the app and apply for the account.  When you sign up for Figure Pay using my link you will earn $25 after you make a $50 card or merchant purchase within 60 days.  Also, as soon as you have your account, you will see a $100 bonus offer for doing two consecutive months of $1,200 Direct Deposits.  No Chex pull, unlikely EWS, and no hard pull.  

Hot! 🔥 Oxygen  Email me to get a link.  Open an account, deposit $500+ and use the debit card for 5 purchases within 60 days, and earn a $100 bonus.  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

Albert  Open an Albert account, Direct Deposit $500+ every 30 days for 90 consecutive days, spend $200+ on goods or services with the debit card every 30 days for 90 consecutive days, and earn a $100 bonus.   Only deposits that Albert verifies as legitimate will qualify to unlock the bonus.   Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

Chime  Open an account, Direct Deposit $200+, and earn a $100 bonus.  Almost any bank-to-bank external transfer works as a Direct Deposit with Chime.  Just setup the transfer via your other bank's online banking and push the money into the Chime account.  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

Current  Open an account and Direct Deposit $200+ within 45 days to earn $50.   Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, no CC funding.  The highlight of this account is the three savings pods (accounts) allowing up to $2,000 in each at 4% APY.  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.  Referral Code: JEFFREYS997  (Possibly stackable with other portal offers like Swagbucks and MyPoints)

Aspiration Spend & Save  Open an account, fund with $10+,  and spend $250+ on the Aspiration debit card in 60 days, and earn a $50 bonus.  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

REVOLUT:  NEW Limited time offer!!!  Revolut is offering $90 for the referrer to refer up to five friends, however, this promotion is a one-sided campaign, where only the referrer (not the referee) can be awarded the Reward.  If you would like to make a gentlemen's agreement, I am willing to share/split the bonus equally.  Email me: for the referral link if you are interested.   No EWS or Chex inquiry, no credit inquiry too.  This is an app only fintech that is handy for transferring money and simulating Direct Deposit for other accounts.  Once you get your account, ask me more!  (UPDATE: One of five slots remaining.)

 The requirements for the new customer are simple:

1. Create a Revolut account using my unique referral link

2. Verify your identity and pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) checks

3. Add money to your account by connecting another bank account or using a bank card

4. Order a physical Revolut card

5. Complete 3 purchases of at least $5 each with your Revolut debit card. Exclusions on transactions apply, please review the full terms and conditions for details. (Note: purchases can be done with a virtual card while you wait for the physical one.  Amazon reloads work!)

6. All before February 14, 2023 11:59 PM GMT.  (this is a hard cut-off)

Novo Business Checking $40 Bonus  Feature set seems good, and very easy requirements for the bonus.  Just open an account and fund with $100 within 30 days, and keep the balance at $100+ for 30 more days.  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.  Stacks with Revenue Universe on Swagbucks/MyPoints etc.  Simple signup, but do expect to have to come up with a 120 character description on what your business does, who it's customers are, and how it makes money. 

Juno Finance $10  Get $10 for funding your crypto wallet account with $50 by using a referral link.  Currently they are offering 5% APY interest on your checking account balance up to $25K, and 3% APY up to $250K. The 5% Cashback on debit card spend is probably its most attractive feature, easily triggered by manufactured spending purchases at Walmart or Kroger, etc. Limit of $300 cash back if your account is in a Metal status, which requires a (one-time) Direct Deposit.

PrizePool Savings  A savings account where you earn tickets, which puts you into a lottery for prizes.  Stack with Swagbucks/Mypoints by using my referral code:  ZNWVV  Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

Yotta Savings  Not your normal savings bank, as the promised interest rate is not high, but you have chances to win cash prizes.  We'll both get 100 tickets to win up to $10,000,000 when you download Yotta Savings! Just sign up with code JEFFREY27Nationwide, no Chex/EWS or Hard pull, but no CC funding.

P2P & Money Transfer Apps

Wise   You get a free transfer of up to $600 by using my link (must be used on first transfer).  Formerly TransferWise, this account is useful for simulating Direct Deposits.  Cost is negligible, but depending on you set up your transfer,  you do have to pay to Load, and then again to Send money via their service.  I am just learning how to use it myself, but on the first try, it worked to earn a $100 bank bonus at Juno for a total cost of less than $1.

Cash App  Great P2P payment app with a debit card and spending bonuses.  Signup with my link to earn a $5 bonus for sending $5+ after linking a debit card.  Transferring funds back to your bank may work to trigger bank bonuses that require Direct Deposit, and loading your account with your debit card can count as debit spending.  Another use is for P1 - P2 money transfer situations without having a joint account.  If you don't have someone you can send money to, send me $5 and I will send it back.  User: $JeffJS  (If you do not do a $5 send transaction within 14 days, they revoke the referral bonus.)  

Also, for existing Cash App users, if you did not use a referral code when you signed up for Cash App, you can add it after the fact.  Once you click on the profile icon 👤 in the upper right corner, scroll down, and just above Sign Out it will have a link to enter a Referral Code.  My code is: MFJZLDP

PayPal $10 Bonus  Worth $10 for each of us.  New PayPal customers only.  Join and spend $5 using PayPal and we both earn $10.

Venmo $10 Bonus  Join Venmo and earn $10 for signing up after you make a bank- or card-funded payment of at least $5 within 14 days.

Sign up for Google Pay, send someone a $1, and earn $5.  Super easy and super fast payout!  You can refer up to three people for up to $15 each.  Open the link from your mobile device to install the Google Pay App.  Use 

Money Management Tools

Similar to, Personal Capital is a money management tool that focuses on investment advice.  Sign-up, link an investment account that has a minimum balance of $1,000, and earn a $20 Amazon Gift Card.  Occasionally they offer a targeted bonus of $100 or $200 via mail or pop-up ads in your online login, but you have to sit through a short introduction where they screen you to see if you are a viable candidate, and then an hour-long phonecon & PowerPoint presentation sales pitch at a later date.  If you want to get targeted for that promo, I recommend linking at least $250K of investments and/or liquid funds, as that is the minimum amount they want to take control of to earn "x number of free months" of investment management.

Prepaid Cards

Netspend Prepaid Variants: NetspendWestern Union, & ACE Elite. Choose one of these.  Earn a $20 bonus after loading at least $40. Then you can open the savings account and earn 5% APY on the savings balance, capped at $1,000.  You can have up to at least 5 different Netspends without issue, useful for the savings accounts, but you will likely only collect one $20 bonus.

Credit Cards & Loans

NEW!!!  Discover it® Cash Back $100 Sign-up Bonus  Earn a $100 Statement Credit when you make your first purchase within 3 months.  First year cashback is doubled at end of year.  That makes the 5% quarterly rotating categories equivalent to 10% cash back, subject to the standard quarterly limits of $1,500 in spending, of course.  This is a no annual fee card.  The Discover 5% Cash Back categories for this quarter: Jan–Mar = Grocery Stores, Drug Stores and Select Streaming Services

The below American Express offers change frequently.  Also, the offers may change if you use incognito/private mode.

American Express Card Referral  Any Amex card. 

Amex Hilton Honors Card 

Capital One Quicksilver  $200 bonus for $500 of spending in 3 months.  This is a no annual fee card.  Currently offering a decent interest-free period.

Chase Disney  $150 or $300 bonus for $500 of spending in 3 months, depending on the card you choose.  The statement credit usually posts within days of meeting spend requirement, even before your first month's statement is mailed if you spend the $500/$1,000 quickly. 

Chase Freedom Flex or Chase Freedom Unlimited  $200 bonus for $500 of spending in 3 months.  This is a no annual fee card.

Chase Sapphire Preferred  $600+ bonus for $4,000 in spending in 3 months.  $95 Annual Fee not waived.  

All Chase personal cards are subject to 5/24 rules.


SoFi Loans:  Get $300 for refinancing your student loan, or $300 for opening a new personal loan.   SoFi recently added additional loan offers; a $1,000 bonus for Student Loan Refinancing for doctors and dentists/med school students, and $100 for Private Student Loans.   You can pre-qualify without getting a hard credit inquiry, however, if you proceed with the loan application, it will be a hard inquiry on your Experian credit report.

Crypto - Digital Currency - Wallets

OKCoin  Open an account, complete identity verification level 2, and receive $50 worth of BTC when you buy $100 crypto or more.  Stable coins like USDC count for the purchase.  Your BTC posts within a few days of your crypto purchase.

eToro  Get $30 for funding with $100 and doing $100 in crypto trades.  Also, you can earn $30 for each referral, up to 10.

Abra  Create a new account using a referral link and get a $25 bonus when you deposit $15+ for 30 days.  Bonus is in the form of CPRX which is Abra’s own cryptocurrency.  Use my unique code: RCGU4PZQK, or link:

Coinbase  Open an account, and if you buy or sell $100 or more of crypto within 180 days of opening, you'll receive $10 worth of free bitcoin.

Binance  They recently revamped their referral program and removed the signup bonus.  I'd recommend waiting.


Interactive Brokers  Get up to $1,000 of IBKR stock for FREE when opening an account.  You will receive $1 worth of Class A common stock of Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. for each $100 in net deposits during the first year following the date of the first deposit. The average balance must be maintained for at least 1 year for the shares to vest and be accessible.  No hard pull and an easy sign-up process.  I had next day account approval.

NEWLY UPDATED!  M1 Finance $100 Referral Bonus  Open a new individual brokerage account, INITIALLY fund with $5,000, maintain for 30 days, and earn $100.  Note:  You only get one chance for initial funding.  Additionally, they have an optional Winter ACATS Promotion transfer bonus available for new AND existing customers in the following tiers:

To qualify for both the referral bonus and the tiered transfer bonus, I would use my link to apply and fund the new account with exactly $5,000, then transfer assets in at a later date.  Don't wait too long!  The Winter ACATS Promotion expires February 28, 2023 (11:59 PM EST).

Hot! 🔥  WEBULL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get up to 12 FREE Fractional Shares valued up to $30,600 by opening & funding a Webull brokerage account!

Moomoo  Open an account to earn up to 10 free stocks

– Open a brokerage account to get 1 free stock worth $3-$2,000.

– Deposit $100+ get 1 free stock worth $8-$2,000. 

– Deposit $2,000+ to get 3 additional stocks worth $8-$2,000 each.

Additionally, complete a net deposit of $100 or more during the promotion period and you will receive 5 chances to draw for a free stock from $BB / $AAPL / $AZO. 

After receiving your free stocks, you need to maintain your average assets of $100 or more for 60 days to unlock the stocks ("Assets" includes cash and securities positions). 

NEW!  TiiCKER referral - Earn gift cards for holding specific stock at your linked brokerages.  Sign up and link any brokerage account holding individual stocks that has $100 in it for a free $11 Amazon or Visa gift card.  Plus, if you link an account with $50 or more of Amazon stock, you get a $10 Amazon gift card.  Must link your brokerage accounts to Tiicker via Plaid to earn your rewards.

Firstrade Get one share of stock when your brokerage application is approved.  Free stock is valued from $3-$200. 

Robinhood  Get one share of  stock when your brokerage application is approved.  Free stock is valued from $5 to $200.

SoFi Invest  Open and fund a new Active Invest Account with at least $10 in 14 business days, and earn $25 in stock. 

TradeUP  Open a new live trading account and earn one stock worth at least $10.  Fund your account with a qualifying initial deposit of $1000 or more and receive a free stock worth at least $50Caution:  You only get one opportunity to do an initial funding - do not break it up into smaller deposits.

GROUNDFLOOR  Real Estate Investing - Earn $50 for opening an account, linking your bank, funding the account with $100 and then invest at least $100 in closed, fully funded Groundfloor LROs or Groundfloor Notes.  The $50 in earned rewards must be invested as well.

Concreit Real Estate Investing -  Open an account, invest $1, and earn $10 in "Reward Fee Waiver", not cash.

Schwab Brokerage  You can use my link to get $100 or more... and I get the joy of helping someone.  Schwab no longer does a hard credit inquiry for a new account.  Use code: REFER6ZJXD (this code will auto-populate on your application)

E*TRADE  A tiered bonus for opening an account when using my link.  The required deposit thresholds & bonus amounts are:

Money Saving Apps - Portals - Sites

PASSIVE EARNINGS APPS - Link your existing credit or debit cards and/or banks, and watch the points accrue.  Optionally, they also have offers inside the app that require using their link.

Dosh App  Referral Code: JEFFRES58

Drop App  Referral Code: a2pak

Payce App Earn up to 35% cash back both online and in-store on your everyday purchases!  Visa & MasterCard Only - No Amex - No Discover.

ACTIVE EARNINGS APPS - Requires you to select coupons or offers, upload receipts, use their portal, etc. to get money back on purchases.

Ibotta App  Referral Code: pdlhgpr  Many offers for grocery items, mainly, but also works as a shopping portal.

PORTALS TO GET CASHBACK - Once you signup, login to their site or app, use their links to shop online, and you earn cashback on ELIGIBLE purchases at 3rd party sites.  Offers vary quite often on these so please read all terms.

RebatesMe  Get a $30 bonus with your first $10 of earning.


Rakuten (Ebates)  Get a $30 bonus when you spend $30.

Mr. Rebates

BeFrugal  Get a $10 bonus with your first $10 of earning.

MaxRebates   Get an up-to-$50 bonus when you spend at least $25.

FREE REWARDS PROGRAMS -  Membership is free, but some optional offers are not free and require a purchase.

Inbox Dollars  Get $5 for using my link.  Yet another cashback site ran by Protégé.  Seems to focus more on grocery offers & surveys, but it is another tool to churn offers like Varo, etc.

Steady  Earn cashback with money-making offers called Boosters.  Also lists some job listings, as well as gig opportunities.

Swagbucks  Besides the cashback portal, frequently offers money-making opportunities, usually when subscribing to services. 

MyPoints  Almost identical to Swagbucks, and owned by the same company, but occasionally has a better offer or different selection than Swagbucks.


Fluz App  Great app for saving a few dollars on instant gift cards & good for some couch manufactured spending.  Some Fluz retailers sell $200 digital MasterCard gift cards with no fee.  Depending how you choose to pay, you can earn 3% cashback via ACH, or if you use a credit card, it will be counted as a purchase on your credit card and/or helping you meet minimum spending on a new credit card.

PFS Buyers Club  Opt into select private deals, buy the item, and once it arrives at your address, you mail it to PFS and they pay you over the original cost.  How much more depends on the terms you agreed to.  It's YMMV as the items you have to buy are usually extremely limited stock, like U.S. Mint coins.  Deals are not constant/continuous, and are very specific.  You get an additional $20 for using a referral link, provided you actually perform the purchase and follow-through with the sale.  Use my link to get $5 off already discounted gift cards from a wide variety of merchants and restaurants.  They frequently offer potentially stack-able promo codes to further discount your desired gift card(s) as well.  For sellers, not exactly a money saver, but if you find yourself with unused gift cards, and a desire to sell them at least a 15% loss, it is a viable option.

Sam's Club  Use my link to earn a $20 Gift Card.  May be stacked with other Sam's membership promotions, however, YMMV. 

Need Gas?  Best apps to get a deal!

Fuel Rewards  Good program if you use Shell gas stations.   Get gas discounts for shopping at select merchants using linked debit/credit cards.

Upside  Highly recommended for every driver, even when gas prices are low.  Get cashback on gas purchases at specific gas stations, as well as cash for your gas purchases made by your referrals.  Covers most states, and the affiliated gas stations do change, so don't give up all hope if you aren't impressed when signing up.  This stacks with credit card rewards, and sometimes even with station/brand specific reward programs.

Enter the following STACKABLE promo codes in your Upside app under Profile, then Edit the Promo Code, then press DONE in the upper right after each code:  

A2DJC (My Referral Code) - 20 cents/gallon on 1st fill-up. 

SNAP37 - 37 cents/gallon on next fill-up.

AMEX35 - 35 cents/gallon on next two fill-ups.  (added 12/23/2022)

GOPUFF35 - 35 cents/gallon on next two fill-ups.  (added 10/23/2022)

SHOPPERS35 - 35 cents/gallon on next two fill-ups.

SHOPPER10 - $10 back on Grocery.

LUCKY7CASH - 7 cents/gallon on next fill-up.  (added 10/14/2022)

7CENTBONUS - 7 cents/gallon on next fill-up.

COMEBACK6 - 6 cents/gallon on next fill-up.

Phone - Wireless - Utilities - Services

23andMe  Get a discount (10-20%) on the services offered.  I was surprised by my results, and seemed very credible.  They were able to find my niece accurately without any other info other than my DNA.

Arcadia  Get $10 off your power bill when you use my link, and your first month is free, $5/mo. thereafter.  If you want to be "greener", Arcadia finds ways to lower your power bill and connect you to clean energy like wind and solar power.  I like them because I pay my electric power bill via credit card and avoids my local power company CC fee.  Also, it still counts as the utilities 5% category for the U. S.  Bank Cash+ rewards credit card.

Red Pocket Mobile Phone Service   I have been using Red Pocket for over a year now and very happy.  I like the fact that I can change my network and they offer all of the major cellular networks.  Light data users especially can save a lot of money with their smaller plans.  I recommend using my referral code to get $7.50 off your first month of service if you choose a plan that is $25 or less.   This means if you get the $10 plan, your first month's cost is only $2.50 plus tax and SIM shipping is free.  You can downgrade or upgrade plans whenever you want after you try out Red Pocket!  My Referral Code: 92413F1383554B84 

Military - Veterans - First Responders

VetTix  Free tickets to concerts and other events - verified vets only.

1st Responder Tix  Free event tickets for EMT, Firefighter, Police, and 911 personnel!