What Would Gadget Do?

See my Churn Chart below. I look at the fine print of recent checking account bank bonus offers and just cherry-pick the time required between your last account and/or last bonus. Typically bonus eligibility is usually determined by the time from the last bonus or last account. Sometimes offers have both. "12 & 24 months" would be 12 months last account, but 24 months from last bonus. Time since the last account is most important because someone who had an account in the past, even if someone never got a bonus before, are still constricted by those rules.

I only update this page every couple of months, so some of the links may be dead. Banks are pretty slow to change the churning rules, but it does happen. Always read the terms for an offer before submitting the application.

I only follow bonuses that are applicable to me. Checkmarks indicate that I have successfully churned them (within their allotted time limits) in the past.

Untitled spreadsheet