Old BluPeak $300 "Purpose" Promo

Below is the information I complied for the 1st iteration of the BluPeak FCU $300 Checking Promotion, promo code Purpose, before they made recent changes on/around November 1st, 2023.

Note:  Some of this material is no longer applicable and here for reference purposes.

BluPeak Credit Union Highlights:  Offers a $300 checking account bonus, a 5.33% APY Preferred Savings account for new members (no cap or silly transaction requirements), and the possibility of a (stackable?) $100 referral program for both parties, only for new members as well.

This is a NATIONWIDE offer when you donate $5.00 to KPBS, which is the PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) member television station in San Diego.

To get your bonuses… you must:

For the 5.33% APY Preferred Savings account, you just need to be a new member and open/fund the account.

There is the potential for a $100 referral bonus, which has the following requirements:

Brave individuals wanted for the $100 referral program that MAY stack.  In the past, I read that their referral program required a special promo code to be entered on the account application and it wasn’t possible to add more than one promo code, forcing you to choose one offer or the other.  Entering a referral code on the application is no longer needed and you just need to be registered for the referral by an existing member.  I am testing this myself, but per the referral terms, it does state "Cannot be combined with other offers."  This is very common for referral programs to state this and rarely enforced.  If you would like to try to stack the bonuses as well, please email me.  I will just need the email address you will use to open the account and your first/last name PRIOR to opening your BluPeak account.  You will get an email confirming referral registration with the subject: "Your friend (my name) Thinks You Deserve $100. Here's How to Get It."  Please check your SPAM folder if you requested a referral.

BluPeak pulls Chex, no hard credit pull, & soft-pulls Experian.  Not inquiry-sensitive.  Unlikely EWS.  $1,500 CC funding per application.  CC funding is not instantly available and takes two business days to appear in online banking.  Once visible, no hold was placed on the funds and I moved all of it (except $25, to keep the checking account "funded") to the Preferred Savings.  Citi Double Cash MC CC charge did post as a purchase, listed as USE CREDIT UNION 866-8734968 CA, Spend Category of Mortgage Companies - Financial Institution.  BluPeak does allow existing customers additional applications for additional round(s) of CC funding.  I did two same-day applications to ensure I would not get an additional Chex inquiry, so I am unsure if they will pull Chex again if attempted on a different day.

Applying online, out-of-state (OOS), I selected “I am a member of KPBS” as the eligibility option and waited to see an approval before paying the $5 donation.  Also of interest, when donating, you can choose to add an additional name to your membership.  Click the "Donate ➡" button on this page to donate $5.  Be sure to select "One Time", select "Other", enter $5.00, and then click "Skip to Checkout".  About 20 minutes after paying you will get a confirmation email.

The BluPeak account application asks if you want to use your phone number to pre-fill your application, with the option to skip it.  I chose to use my cell phone number and surprisingly it was able to prefill much of the application (which is cool and scary at the same time).  I figured anything that could help verify my information would be beneficial for the application to be approved.  Because of my superb results, I recommend the phone number verification method.

My first account application (Free Checking with eStatements) was “Instant Approved”.  I made sure the promo code "Purpose" was entered at the very end of the application, and it's a good idea to take a screenshot of the final page showing that code was used before hitting "I Agree".  Instant account approval allowed for immediate setup of online banking.  Then, I used the link inside online banking to add an additional account.  See Main Menu > Additional Services > Open Another Account.

Inside online banking, you can see your account number for the checking account under the account details.  Your member number is listed as "ACH number", and your checking account number is listed as "MICR".  It’s my belief the credit union prefers you use the MICR number for Direct Deposit, although either number likely works.  If you click "Check Reorder" under Additional Services, you will see the checking account number there as well, which is the MICR with three leading zeros.

My second account application (Preferred Savings) went to a status of “Referred”.  That application had next-day approval, and the account shows an interest rate of 5.190% in online banking.  Hours after submitting the application, I was notified via email that “We’re delighted to report that since you are already a BluPeak member, the account has been opened and the funds were transferred as you specified.“ The $1,500 additional CC funding went pending to the credit card that day. 

My household member applied at 11 AM Eastern on Friday, 10/20/23, using KPBS member as the eligibility, instantly approved as well, and then immediately applied for the Preferred Savings via online banking.  In about 4 hours, I received an email about the Savings account being approved.  BofA Premium Rewards Visa funding was posted as a purchase two days later. 

To check the status of your BluPeak CU account application(s), click here

Mint integration:  BluPeak does link to Mint.  Will show as USE Credit Union.  

Other helpful info:  Remember to sign into online banking and request e-statements.  Even though the name of the account mentions estatements, you still have to enable them.  The BluPeak Debit card, although not required for the bonus, took exactly one week to arrive.   Bill Pay enrollment was available once the account is funded.  External Transfers is not enabled/available in online banking when first opened.

Dated exactly seven (7 ) days from account approval, my $100 bonus was posted to the Checking account as “Deposit / Promotional Bonus”. I believe it was posted overnight, so I did not see it until the 8th day.  Additionally, External Transfers & Zelle options are now available in online banking on that same day.  I recommend exercising caution on jumping on there and using those for outbound transfers on a new account though.

Fee Schedule = ETF is $15 if closed within 90 days.  Additionally, this credit union does charge $5 to join, beyond the $5 donation to KPBS.

Below is a screen capture of the 1st iteration of the BluPeak FCU $300 Checking Promotion, promo code Purpose, before they made recent changes on/around November 1st, 2023.

Earn Up to 300 BluPeak Credit Union.pdf